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Celebrating 10 Years of CHIWOS
The National Women and HIV Workshop Series
November-December 2020

To celebrate 10 years, CHIWOS hosted the National Women and HIV Workshop Series to engage and expand our knowledge sharing network, invite discussion, identify gaps, and develop goal statements and collective actions that will improve the health, healthcare, and wellbeing of women living with HIV in Canada.


The workshop series highlighted the diversity of voices, histories, and leadership of women living with HIV across Canada. With more than 200 registrants (inclusive of community members, clinicians, service providers, researchers, students, trainees, policy makers, funders, and people living with or affected by HIV who have living experience or experience working in the field of Women and HIV), the national event was a huge success. 

Visual Summaries of the Workshop

Thank you to Peggy Frank, a beloved member of the CHIWOS family,
for creating these beautiful visual summaries.

Heading 6

Session Recordings

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Additional Links 

Session Resources
 (e.g., links to any resources that were discussed in the presentations; links to wellness resources)

Beyond the Data Anthology & Reflection Form
This anthology is being offered for free. If you are interested and/or able, please consider making a small donation to your local HIV/AIDS Service Organization (ASO) and/or ASAAP, an ASO in Toronto who supported the anthology development. We would love to also hear your reflections after you have had a chance to review and reflect on the anthology. Please use the link above (Beyond the Data Anthology Reflection Form) to offer your thoughts anonymously.

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