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CHIWOS began as a desire to address a gap in knowledge related to women and HIV in Canada from the perspective of these women. It grew into a movement that is felt years after the study has finished data collection. 

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Guiding Frameworks

The CHIWOS Study operated from 8 key frameworks, outlined below.

All study staff were trained on these frameworks using training materials available here

What is Anti-Oppression? 

An approach that involves recognizing and mitigating various forms of oppression, including racism, sexism, ableism, and others, to create more inclusive and equitable research practices.

Study Objectives


Assess the proportion, distribution and patterns of use and uptake of women-centred HIV care, and factors associated with service uptake among women living with HIV in Canada. 


Estimate the effect of women-centred HIV care uptake on the overall HIV, women's, mental, and sexual and reproductive health outcomes of women living with HIV in Canada.

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