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In Memorium

The CHIWOS team remembers the women living with HIV who participated in CHIWOS who have passed on since the study began. Each symbol represents the life of one of the participants we have lost. The number of ribbons is up to date as of September 2019, but we recognize this number has grown since 2019 and recognize all of those we have lost to date.


We recognize the profound impact of these remarkable women, whose shared strength has forever shaped the landscape of our study and the lives of countless others.


We designed this symbol to commemorate the lives of the CHIWOS women, and to honour their contributions towards the health and wellbeing of other women living with HIV in Canada and beyond. The bouquet includes the provincial flowers of the three CHIWOS enrolling provinces (the Pacific Dogwood [British Columbia], the White Trillium [Ontario], and the Blue Flag Iris [Quebec]), encircled by the AIDS ribbon, a universal sign of solidarity, hope, and remembrance for all those affected by HIV. The bear paw print is an  acknowledgment of Indigenous women in Canada, who are disproportionately affected by HIV.

In 2016, we also lost one of our Peer Research Associates, Marisol Desbiens, who we have acknowledged in a symbol with a gold sash.

The women are remembered for their beauty, kindness, and strength. We extend our heartfelt condolences to their family, friends, and to all who had the honour of knowing them.

Memorial ribbons
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