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Collaborators & Co-Investigators

We gratefully acknowledge all the women living with HIV who participated in CHIWOS, the national team of co-investigators and collaborators, and the three provincial Community Advisory Boards (CABs) and CHIWOS Aboriginal Advisory Board (CAAB) members for their support and expertise.

CHIWOS was also supported by a number of working groups that assembled the diverse expertise of researchers, care providers, and community voices from across the country. We are grateful for their involvement and valuable contributions to the study.

Provincial Core Research Teams


Claudette Cardinal, Allison J. Carter, Angela Cescon, Bob Hogg, Angela Kaida, Valerie Nicholson, Krista Poirier, Stephanie Rawson, Christina Tom, and Kath Webster


Rahma Abdul-Noor, Fatimatou Barry, Kerrigan Beaver, Anita Benoit, Cindy Brisebois, Ann Burchell, Lynne Cioppa, Tracey Conway, Jasmine Cotnam, Janette Cousineau, Marisol Desbiens, Brenda Gagnier, Mercy Saavedra, Saara Greene, Shazia Islam, Logan Kennedy, Gladys Kwaramba, Johanna Lewis, Mona R. Loutfy, Marvelous Muchenje, Mary Mwalwanda, Mary (Muthoni) Ndung’u, Jacqueline Okumu, Yasmeen (Ashria) Persad, Samantha Robinson, Stephanie Smith, Tsitsi Tigere, Wangari Tharao, and Allison Carlson


Alexandra de Pokomandy, Edenia Savoie, Alie Pierre, Brigitte Menard, Maxime Kiboyogo, Karène Proulx Boucher, Dada Bakombo,  Janice Dayle, Danièle Dubuc, Carrie Martin, Nora Butler Burke, Pierrette Clément, and Nadia O’Brien

National Steering Committee

Pat Allard (Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network), Aranka Anema (British Columbia Centre For Excellence in HIV/AIDS), Dada Bakombo, Denise Becker (Positive Living Society of British Columbia), Mélina Bernier (Université du Québec à Montréal), Cindy Lou Brisebois, Jason Brophy (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario), Ann Burchell (Ontario HIV Treatment Network), Allison J. Carter (British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and Simon Fraser University), Angela Cescon (British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS), Janice Dayle, Janice Duddy (Pacific AIDS Network), Alexandra de Pokomandy (McGill University Health Centre), Jacqueline Gahagan (Dalhousie University), Saara Greene (McMaster University),  Bob Hogg (British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and Simon Fraser University),  Terry Howard (Positive Living Society of British Columbia), Evin Jones (Pacific AIDS Network), Angela Kaida (Simon Fraser University), Alexandria Keating (ViVA and Southern Gulf Islands AIDS Society), Mary Kestler (Oak Tree Clinic, BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre), Marina Klein (McGill University Health Centre), Gladys Kwaramba, Rebecca Lee (CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network),  Johanna Lewis (Women’s College Research Institute), Mona R. Loutfy (Women’s College Research Institute), Renee Masching (Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network), Melissa Medjuck (Positive Women’s Network), Brigitte Ménard, Deb Money (Women’s Health Research Institute), Valerie Nicholson,  Nadia O’Brien (McGill University Health Centre), Susanna Ogunnaike-Cooke (Public Health Agency of Canada), Joanne Otis (Université du Québec à Montréal), Andrea Langlois (Pacific AIDS Network), Ali Palmer (British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS), Doris Peltier (Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network), Neora Pick (Oak Tree Clinic, BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre), Janet Raboud (Ontario HIV Treatment Network), Stephanie Rawson,  Samantha Robinson (Ontario HIV Treatment Network), Sean Rourke (Ontario HIV Treatment Network), Margarite Sanchez (ViVA and Southern Gulf Islands AIDS Society), Jacquie Sas (CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network), Stephanie Smith, Marcie Summers (Positive Women’s Network), Wangari Tharao (Women’s Health in Women’s Hands), Sharon Walmsley (Toronto General Research Institute), and Jessica Yee (Native Youth Sexual Health Network)

CHIWOS Working Groups

Sampling, Recruitment and Data Management and Analyst Team

Allison Carter, Guillaume Colley, Erin Ding, Nada Gataric, Shahab Jabbari, Angela Kaida, Kate Salters, Paul Sereda, Jayson Shurgold

CHIWOS Aboriginal Advisory Board (CAAB) / Prioritizing the Health Needs of Positive Aboriginal Women (PAW)

Jamie Thomas-Pavanel, Mona R. Loutfy, Doris Peltier (co-chair), Renee Masching, Kerrigan Beaver, Priscilla Bilsborrow, Krista Shore, Elizabeth Benson, Doe O’Brien-Teengs, Wanda Whitebird, Tracey Prentice, Charlotte Loppie, Valerie Nicholson, Anita Benoit (co-chair), Saara Greene

Peer Research Associate (PRA) Training Group

Allison Carter, Saara Greene, Angela Kaida, Mona R. Loutfy, Valerie Nicholson, Jamie Thomas-Pavanel, Karène Proulx-Boucher

Knowledge Transfer and Exchange (KTE) Working Group

Jacqueline Gahagan, Sophie Wertheimer, Shayna Buhler, Mara Brotman, Mona Loutfy, Nadia O’Brien, Jamie Thomas Pavanel, and 3 Peer Research Associates

BC Interview Sites

AIDS Vancouver Island, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Cool Aid Community Health Centre, Downtown Community Health Clinic, Keys Housing and Health Solutions (Positive Haven), Living Positive Resource Centre, Oak Tree Clinic, Positive Living Fraser Valley, Positive Women’s Network, Positive Living North, and Vancouver Island Persons with AIDS Society

ON Partnering/Recruitment Sites

2-Spirited People of the 1st Nations, 519 Community Centre, ACCKWA, Africans in Partnership Against AIDS (APAA), AIDS Committee of Durham Region, AIDS Committee of Guelph and Wellington County, AIDS Committee of Simcoe County, AIDS Network Hamilton, Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention, Bruce House, Casey House, Centre Francophone, Elevate NOW, Fife House, Hemophilia Ontario, HIV/AIDS Regional Services (HARS), Maggie’s: Toronto Sex Worker’s Action Project, Peel HIV/AIDS Network, Positive Living Niagara, Prisoners with AIDS Support Action Network, Réseau Access Network, Toronto PWA Foundation, Women’s Health in Women’s Hands, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Kingston Hotel Dieu Hospital, Health Sciences North, Sudbury Regional Hospital, HAVEN program, Lakeridge Health, Maple Leaf Medical Clinic, McMaster Family Practice, Ottawa General Hospital, Riverside Family Health Team, SIS Clinic, Hamilton Health Sciences, St. Joseph’s Healthcare London, St. Michael’s Hospital, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto East General Hospital, Toronto General Hospital, William Osler Health System, Windsor Regional Hospital, HIV Care Program

QC Partnering/Recruitment Sites

ACCM, L’ARCHE de l’Estrie, ASTT(e)Q, BLITS; BRAS-Outaouais, CACTUS; CASM, Centre Sida Amitié, Corporation Félix Hubert d’Hérelle, COCQ-SIDA, Fondation d’Aide Directe-SIDA Montréal, GAP-VIES; GEIPSI, M.A.I.N.S-Bas St-Laurent, Maison Plein Coeur, Maison Dominic, Maison du Parc, Maison Re-Né, MIELS-Québec, Le MIENS Chicoutimi; Portail VIH/sida du Québec, Sidaction Mauricie, Sida-Vie Laval, Stella, l’amie de Maimie, UHRESS du CHUM Notre-Dame.

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